Ascension St. Mary's Foundation Announces 2020 Scholarship Awards


Allyson Wilson will always be remembered by her colleagues at Ascension St. Mary’s. 

Allyson passed away suddenly in May of 2018 at the age of 31. To honor Allyson, her colleagues in the laboratory department have created an annual $1,500 scholarship to support a student and/or associate studying to become a Med Technician.

As a way to raise funds in honor of Allyson and her legacy, the Ascension St, Mary’s lab colleagues stock a small snack corner called Allyson’s Store.  Pop and snacks are sold to associates and 100% of the proceeds help fund the annual scholarship.  The small store has raised $1,100 since January of 2019.

Ascension St. Mary’s Foundation has been providing scholarships to associates, their children, and the community for more than 25 years. This year, over $35,560 was awarded.

The Foundation is proud to announce the following individuals as the 2020 scholarship recipients.

Children’s Free Ward Association Healthcare Scholarship:

  • Carson Kaeckmeister

Children’s Free Ward Association Healthcare Advancement

  • Keri Cook

Doris M. Jacques Volunteer Alliance Healthcare Scholarship

  • Nick Klein

  • Emily Reitzel

  • Melissa Stricker

James T. Keyes, M.D. Memorial Health Care Scholarship

  • Latoya Hare

Beverly Kremin Memorial HealthCare Scholarship

  • Emma Bruff

  • Elizabeth Card

Medical Staff Nursing Scholarship

  • Kathleen Katt

Ascension St. Mary’s Foundation Educational Scholarship

  • Noah Essex

  • Sydni Klein

  • Elizabeth Vargas

Allyson Wilson Scholarship

  • Jacob Collier