Ascension Michigan Leader Shares Experience as a Patient

As an Ascension leader, I have been involved in the ongoing transformation to create a highly reliable, patient-centric culture within our workforce. I’ve heard so many great patient care stories and now share my own story from the other side as a patient.

While my home is in Tawas, I work several hours away from there. I began to experience chest discomfort, arm pain and shortness of breath. I knew I needed to get it checked out and contacted my physician. In a matter of hours, I became a patient at Ascension St. Mary’s in Saginaw. It was there that I experienced first hand the culture change in the hospital where I once worked. And, the change was so positive and evident in each department and unit where I was treated; with each associate, nurse, physician consistently asking how I was and if there was “anything else they could do for me.”

As a leader, I am well aware of all the patient experience, customer service and quality patient care concepts and skills needed to become a highly reliable healthcare organization. As a patient, I witnessed all those skills being executed. Not in just one area, not just a “one off” or fling, but consistently and truly embedded in each associate and caregiver in every department. Thank you to all and please continue to provide the outstanding care that Ascension St. Mary’s is known for.


Cheryl G.